Where has the discussion about classroom conditions gone?

Green Party Condemns McNeil Government for Losing Perspective on Education Reform

(HALIFAX) – The Green Party of Nova Scotia has long held that an education strategy should be developed through broad and transparent consultation, not the opaque and top-down approach favoured by the current Nova Scotia government.

“The McNeil government is irresponsibly picking and choosing reforms from their own report,” says Green Party leader Thomas Trappenberg, “They claim this will put more money in the classroom, but they can’t tell us how much money, or even where it will go.”

The immediate proposed changes from the report – eliminating school boards, creating a College of Teachers and removing administrators from the union – are primarily aimed at the administration and governance side of public education. However, teachers and parents have been vocal that the issues they see are in the classroom. There is not a clear connection between the government’s actions and the desired outcome of better education.

“Where has the discussion about classroom conditions gone?” says Trappenberg.

“The government must address cross-departmental issues that affect children in classrooms, things teachers are doing now single-handedly. They must commit to looking at different models of classroom composition, cap individual program plans per class. They must increase student services staff. They already have all the evidence they need for this,” notes Trappenberg.

“Education is the key to a prosperous and sustainable future. It should not be used as a battleground for pushing a particular labour relations agenda,” adds the Green Party Leader.  “With Bill 75 still standing, the Liberals continue to treat education like the wild west.”

The Green Party of Nova Scotia supports the collective bargaining rights of all workers in the province, both private sector and public.

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