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Cape Breton teacher Adrianna MacKinnon, who ran for the Nova Scotia Green Party in May of 2017, recently made news across the province for her heart-breaking resignation video. The Liberal government’s approach to education saw the province’s first major job action by teachers last spring, and a strike vote tomorrow indicates that Stephen McNeil has not scored any points with teachers since then. The government has announced they will disband school boards and remove principals and administrators from the union.

Veteran teacher posts video, resigns from system ‘full of holes’

TheChronicleHerald.caFeb. 8, 2018
It’s like rowing desperately for shore in a dory riddled with holes. That’s the way veteran Cape Breton teacher Adrianna MacKinnon described classroom conditions under the Liberal government of Stephen McNeil before announcing in an online video that she is resigning from her elementary school job.

Cape Breton Teacher Resigns Publicly [VIDEO] |

Feb 8, 2018 – A veteran Cape Breton teacher of 27 years has publicly announced her intention to resign in a Facebook video. Adrianna MacKinnon is a teacher at the Coxheath Elementary School for grades primary and one. She says intolerable classroom conditions lead to her decision.

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