Reflections on 2019 and Directions for 2020

Dear Green Friends,

While reflecting on the last year and preparing for the new year, there is an issue on my mind that I would like to mention before the year comes to a draw. It is wonderful to see the increasing number of thoughtful members in our party, and I know that many want to get more active to fight for a future for our kids. I am now often asked how we prepare for the next election. Therefore, here are a few notes on my current thoughts.

We built over the last three years a strong internal organization, which I like to think is collaborative and inclusive. Many of us thought this necessary before jumping into more of a spotlight. Now I feel strongly that it is time to burst onto the scene.

While reflecting with some members on our general approach, it became increasingly apparent to us that we must be able to explain and demonstrate how we are a different party. This starts with our internal culture, which must reflect an honest respect for each other and time for community building. Furthermore, I think that a strong emphasis on a collaborative approach is important. This covers internal working groups, the strong appreciation of input from special interest groups and specialists, and an open mind to other parties with whom we want to find solutions. Lastly, we need to articulate and visualize better our vision for a green Nova Scotia with a strong green economy in which we all share the wealth of our `have province’.

In more pragmatic terms, we now need to get a team and its support in place for the next election. This starts, of course, with finding candidates for every riding. As grassroots party, this is primarily in the hands of each regional district. In principle, this should come from each electoral district, but given that our membership can still be thin in each electoral district, we created regional structures so that you can share resources. Thus, it is now important that the regions become active in identifying candidates and ideas for the local campaigns. If you are a member who wants to get more active, please contact your regional convenors now. You can find the contacts on our web page or just drop me a line.

Of course, the central party will try to support local campaigns. I view the role of the central party as a general support organization and to help with the overall messaging and highlighting our principles. We provide campaign training and templates for material such as signs and brochures. We are working on a platform that shows our values and our vision. We are also always grateful for suggestions and feedback.

I will try to lead with more communications. At this time, I have been conscious not to flood your emails or Facebook with my rants, but I hope I find a way to communicate regularly, at least to let you know what is going on. For now, I will continue to use the facebook page `Thomas Trappenberg: Leader for the Green Party of Nova Scotia’ for these communications until we find a better form of communication. I hope you will reach out with other ideas.

I would like to wish everyone a happy holiday with your families.

In solidarity and with much hope for the future, Thomas

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