Green Party Leadership: Enforcing Boat Harbour Act Respects First Nation and Environment

December 20, 2019

The Green Party of Nova Scotia congratulates Premier McNeil on making this historical move after 50+ years of ineffective measures and wishful thinking on the part of past governments. “The government is now following their own law”, says Thomas Trappenberg.

Green Party Leader Thomas Trappenberg points out that, “The real failure of this issue was the lack of vision for a change to a modern industry. This is why we need a more visionary government. While changes in the forestry industry will likely create hardships in the short term, I am confident that the forestry industry will emerge even stronger in the long run.”

Premier Stephen McNeil’s recent announcement, of not extending the deadline for the Northern Pulp mill effluent in Pictou and that $50 million will be put towards the transition fund to help forestry sector workers affected by the mill closure, is met with great relief by the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

Closing the mill is the right thing to do and the only course of action that leads to justice for the Pictou Landing First Nation.” says Deputy Leader Jessica Alexander, “Nova Scotia forests should be purposed for higher-value products than kraft pulp. Taxpayer money is better spent investing in local human capital than on subsidizing international companies.

It is very important that we kept our word to Pictou Landing First Nation”, leader Thomas Trappenberg explained, “They have suffered for so many years.” He adds, “Nobody wants people to lose their jobs and we recognize that there are challenges for workers and the forestry industry. Help for their transition is therefore also the right thing to do.

The Green Party is looking forward to seeing more details of what the transition will look like and hopes that protecting the mill workers’ pensions is part of the plan.

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Media Contact:  Dr. Thomas Trappenberg

Leader, Green Party of Nova Scotia



Jessica Alexander

Leader, Green Party of Nova Scotia


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