The Green Party of Nova Scotia recognizes the intricate connections of a healthy environment, conservative use of our natural resources, thriving communities, and a sustainable economy. We consider that people’s needs are best served in the community where they are cared for and connected to each other.

The Green Party embraces the Environmental Goals and Sustainable Prosperity Act and the Nova Scotia Genuine Progress Index (GPI) as consistent with our goals. We will incorporate full-cost accounting, using the GPI as a primary measure and a planning guide for economic progress, recognizing that further work on the GPI is planned to include other key dimensions important to the Green Party, such as arts and culture, housing, and governance.

Progress toward sustainable long-term prosperity and well-being requires protection and strengthening of social and environmental assets and termination of damaging activities. The Green Party is committed to work toward reduced exposures to hazardous chemicals and to minimize additional ionizing radiation for all Nova Scotians. The Green Party will apply the precautionary principle with respect to potential exposures for workers, the public, and ecosystems of the province, for their protection and the protection of future generations.