Nova Scotians Should Expect Better Democracy

Nova Scotians Should Expect Better Democracy

(Halifax) Dr. Thomas Trappenberg has a message for Nova Scotians: “Strategic voting isn’t true democracy.”

The Green Party of Nova Scotia leader spoke at the group’s AGM on Saturday, April 29, calling on the citizens of the province to vote their principles.

One of the key points in the Green Party’s vision for a better Nova Scotia is to change the electoral system from first-past-the-post to a form of proportional representation.

“What the current system says, essentially, is that your beliefs have to line up all in one of two or three buckets. Plus, the system is designed to be combative. Imagine a collaborative Legislative Assembly. Imagine parties working together for the good of the province, not just in a forced way when there is a minority government. We need better elections, so that we can build better democracy.”

Peter Bevan-Baker, Green Party of PEI leader and MLA, also spoke at the AGM, saying, “If you keep voting for someone you don’t want, to get rid of someone you don’t want, you will keep getting a government you don’t want.”  Bevan-Baker was elected to PEI’s Legislature in May, 2015.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia selected its first thirteen candidates on the weekend, and is currently at 16 with more to be announced. The Green Party platform is set to be released Friday, May 5.  Thomas Trappenberg, who was voted in as party leader last November following several federal campaign runs, will seek office in Clayton Park West, where he has campaigned in the past.

“The Green Party stands for six principles: social justice, participatory democracy, nonviolence, sustainability, ecological wisdom and respect for diversity. All of those reflect the Nova Scotian character – think about the Coady Institute, about the Pugwash Peace Centre, Membertou’s business development work to ensure their sustainability.”

“Don’t vote against something, vote for what you believe in. Nova Scotians deserve to expect better,” said Trappenberg.


Charlene Boyce, Communications
Green Party of Nova Scotia

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