Green Movement Spreads Across Canada

Green Movement Spreads Across Canada

With Tuesday’s election results from BC confirmed, Canada has now elected six Green Party representatives at the federal and provincial levels. In addition to federal leader Elizabeth May and the three seats in BC, New Brunswick and PEI each have elected a Green MLA. At the municipal level, many, many more have been elected.

“Today’s challenges are beyond the scope of old politics to deal with,” says Green Party of Nova Scotia Leader Thomas Trappenberg. “The Green movement is beyond right-wing / left-wing definitions. It’s about sensible politics, it’s holistic, and it is happening worldwide.”

“With the BC election, we see Greens holding the balance of power. That is a position we are very comfortable with.”

The Green Party of Nova Scotia is running 32 candidates in this election, all across Nova Scotia. Of those, 14 are women. The leader, Dr. Thomas Trappenberg, is running in Clayton Park West, and the deputy leader, Jessica Alexander, is running in Hammonds Plains-Lucasville.

“Nova Scotia has so much coastline, and with forestry, fishing and tourism being so important to our economy, our citizens really understand the challenge of climate change and the need for serious action now to mitigate the effects,” added Trappenberg. “But of course, we aren’t solely about environment. We have a vision for an approach to healthcare that focuses on building health-promoting communities, and provides comprehensive centres across the province that integrate services like primary, mental health care, nurse practitioners, nutritionists and dieticians. We want to support, promote and build local businesses to create a vibrant economy.  We want to implement a guaranteed livable income and a living wage to alleviate poverty.”

“Nova Scotia is a beautiful province. Coal mines are not our future. We want to be leaders in leveraging our natural capital, bringing green jobs, alternative energy, culture and tourism to the forefront.”

About the Green Party of Nova Scotia

The Green Party of Nova Scotia is one of Nova Scotia’s youngest political parties, building on a worldwide movement of Green politics. Originally founded in 2006, the party ran candidates in all provincial elections since then. The Six Principles of Green highlight the core values which inform how GPNS conducts itself in its policies and practices: Ecological Wisdom, Social Justice, Participatory Democracy, Nonviolence, Sustainability, Respect for Diversity.


For additional information, please contact:
Thomas Trappenberg
Leader, Green Party of Nova Scotia


Charlene Boyce,
Communications, Green Party of Nova Scotia

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