Four Party Leaders Visit Competitive Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Riding

Four Party Leaders Visit Competitive Waverley-Fall River-Beaver Bank Riding

(FALL RIVER) – This Thursday, Thomas Trappenberg, Leader of the Green Party of Nova Scotia, will be hitting the street in Waverley – Fall River – Beaver Bank to support the campaign of local Green Party candidate Anthony Edmonds. The duo will be greeting voters in Fall River at the corner of Fall River Road and Highway #2 at 5:00 pm on Thursday .

Over the course of the month-long writ, the leaders of the Liberal, Progressive Conservative, NDP and Green Party will all have visited this competitive riding, which could become a four-way race when ballots are counted on election day if the strong Green response being heard at the door turns into votes.

A wide range of provincial issues have been discussed at the door, but it is local issues that are really resonating according to Anthony Edmonds, Green Party candidate in Waverley – Fall River – Beaver Bank: “People know the Greens are strong on environment, so I’ve been asked plenty about the Fall River quarry. There have also been worries expressed about the recent oil spill and its impact on drinking water. However, I’ve found that most voters are concerned, like me, about employment prospects for their kids, and they feel that the establishment politics of the Liberals, NDP and PCs are not working well in that regard.”

Edmonds added, “If everyone who was afraid they might be wasting their vote on me decided to take that chance, then I’m confident we could see our first Green MLA in Nova Scotia, just like in PEI, New Brunswick and BC.”

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