President’s Submission to the Electoral Boundaries Commission

Statement to the NS Electoral Boundaries Commission

From Charlene Boyce, co-President of the Nova Scotia Green Party


Good evening,

My name is Charlene Boyce. I am resident of Clayton Park, Halifax, Nova Scotia and I am the co-president of the Green Party of Nova Scotia.

The most effective way to ensure the democratically expressed wishes of a diverse electorate are reflected in government is to reform the electoral system to a system of proportional representation. Respectfully, although I acknowledge this is beyond the terms of reference of this group, I strongly believe this message should go into the formal record of proceedings. Many Nova Scotians, like our neighbors in Prince Edward Island, believe that proportional representation would better ensure government includes and recognizes diverse voices, like those of Acadian Nova Scotians, Black Nova Scotians, immigrants and those First Nations people who choose to participate in our system of government.

The Springtide Collective, among other groups, have done a wonderful job of developing education tools to help citizens understand these systems. They are easier to understand than a typical provincial budget!

Rather than focusing exclusively on geographic boundaries, I would like the government to consider electoral reform to ensure that everyone’s vote counts. Please consider proportional representation.

Thank you.

Charlene Boyce

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