Nova Scotia Greens Cheer Schreiner

Ontario Greens Leader Mike Schreiner wins in Guelph. Photo: The Star

(K’jipuktuk) The Green Party of Nova Scotia says that Ontario’s election of the first Green MPP is a significant achievement.

“Mike Schreiner is our green light – his win shows that a fourth party has a place, even in our first-past-the-post system,” said Green Party of Nova Scotia leader Thomas Trappenberg. “This matters for us in Nova Scotia.”

The newly-elected Guelph, Ontario MPP joins other Green representatives from New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and British Columbia, bringing the total number of elected provincial Green officials in Canada to seven.

“If there was proportional representation in place, there would be more Green MLAs across the country,” notes Trappenberg. “Possibly even here in Nova Scotia.”

Trappenberg admits that Schreiner will have a challenging job. “With a majority government, it can be tough to get your own agenda across. But Greens are consensus builders,” he said.

“I have confidence Mike will put forward a strong voice for the environment, social justice, diversity and our other Green principles, and will work with other MPPs in a collegial manner to help all Ontarians.”

Meanwhile, here at home, Trappenberg has a message for Nova Scotians.

“A Green voice in the legislature will affect the quality and substance of debate. The people of Cumberland South have an opportunity on June 19 to help build the Green Wave by voting for Bruce McCulloch, to balance the government agenda with priorities of health and sustainability.”

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