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The Green Party of Nova Scotia will be nominating  candidates for the 55 ridings to be contested in the next Nova Scotia provincial general election, starting… today!

There are lots of amazing people who are Green Party members already, and lots of amazing people that Green Party members know, who haven’t yet joined the party. All of those people are encouraged to join the process of finding our candidates. We believe that this will be the election where we elect the first Green MLA in Nova Scotia, and we’re working hard to find a great set of people to make that a reality!

We note that people often have to be asked more than once in order to seriously consider the idea of running, and people who have not traditionally seen themselves, or people like them, in positions of political power often have to be asked more than that. The Nova Scotia Greens are committed to doing our best to get out and ask those people, and that means our Members need to be doing this, too.

As for you, please consider this your first invitation!

The party will be working hard to support all of our nominated candidates. This means you will not be on your own for resources including graphic design, a template webpage, and a set of professional photos, as well as training and organizational help (database access, etc.).

The first step is to submit the application form (linked at the bottom of this post.)

The information gathered is used to do candidate approval (“vetting”), so we ask a lot of questions about your background. We will honour your privacy, and will not release any information to people beyond the people directly involved in its review. In fact, we will not tell even tell anyone that you have applied until and unless you are ready to make your candidacy public.

The GPNS does not use the candidate approval process to “pick” its candidates. We believe in local participatory democracy as one of our critical foundations, so the local members in the area to be represented will do the choosing. However, a candidate may not be approved during this first stage if they directly oppose fundamental Green values, if they have a history of hateful behaviour, or if they publicly support widely discredited scientific or historical theories. We expect no significant number of exclusions.

We are also deeply committed to transparency, so you always have a right to see any information gathered (including from reviews of your social media, or other sources), and to know why a decision to approve or deny your application has been made. There are appeal procedures if you feel a decision was unreasonable.

So – what are you waiting for? Let’s find our great Green candidates – like you!

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask (your inquiry will be kept confidential):


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