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The Green Party recently received this inquiry:

What is your stance on marijuana dispenseries? I feel they should be allowed to operate in Nova Scotia. So many people rely on these locations.

This is our reply:

Thanks for reaching out to us. The topic of cannabis legalisation has engendered a lot of discussion among our members. We don’t yet have a comprehensive party policy on the topic, and all of the offshoot related issues. However, these are three basic statements we have agreed on:
  • We don’t like the monopoly imposed by NSLC.
  • We support studies into further potential medicinal uses of cannabis.
  • As with everything, climate change is a fundamental concern, so we want to ensure that the growing and production of cannabis products are as low impact as possible, minimizing GHG production.
At our recent AGM, we had a terrific panel presentation from Andrew McLaughlin of the Cannapy dispensary, Kenny Lord, active in cannabis business for years, and Myrna Gillis of the Aqualitas production facility.
If you want to discuss further, please feel welcome to reach out.
-Charlene Boyce, Co-President, Green Party of Nova Scotia

If you would like to contribute to future policy, become a member now, and join us on October 27 at our Policy Conference in Pictou.
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