Green Party of Nova Scotia seeks Regional Representatives and Treasurer

Nova Scotia needs a strong Green Party. If you agree, please join now. We are in an active building phase and looking for dedicated people who are committed to Green Party values.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia strongly encourages members from around the province to attend or send proxy to the upcoming Special General Meeting. We aim to identify regional representatives (chosen by the members in that particular region) to help us build the party across this province. For more information about the Regional Representative role, click here.

The Green Party of Nova Scotia is actively seeking a new treasurer. This volunteer role is essential in maintaining the sustainability and transparency valued by the party. If you have an strong commitment to the values of the Green Party, and experience in accounting, bookkeeping or financial tracking, please contact us. We’d love to meet you and help determine if this is the right fit for you. Find a position description here. 

For more information about these roles, the Special General Meeting or the Green Party, please contact us at

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