Another Fundraising Record Set by Green Party of Nova Scotia in 2023

Halifax 2024-01-07

For the second year in a row, the Green Party of Nova Scotia had a recording-setting fundraising year in 2023. In the previous year (2022) the Provincial Greens also set a fundraising record when the total amount raised nearly doubled from the best result to date at that time.

Current unofficial totals indicate at least a 20% increase in 2023 over the previous best year (2022). The previous record for a non-election year was $20,456 raised in 2022, and the number of donors and total amount raised both increased again in 2023.

“This continued record growth will put the party on a strong footing for the next election.” stated Leader Anthony Edmonds, “As the climate crisis and the housing crisis deepen, there is an increasing frustration with the lack of meaningful, effective action from our elected officials. More people are recognizing that the Green movement is our best hope to fix the dysfunctional politics in this province.”

“I believe last year’s record (in 2022) was a reflection of growing support for the party.” said Deputy Leader Jo-Ann Roberts. “This year everyone in our party and Green community challenged themselves to equal last year’s result, and I’m incredibly thankful that we all stepped up to do so again.”

Final, audited figures will be submitted to Elections Nova Scotia and subsequently published to their website.


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