Directed Donation

Directed Donations

This page is for people who wish to make a contribution to a specific part of the Green Party of Nova Scotia's activities. In general, donors cannot limit their donations narrowly (cannot require that it be spent on purchasing a specific item, for example). However, donors can specify that their donation be spent in a specific Electoral District or Region. The GPNS will do its best to spend the money in that District / Region.

However, if for some reason the money simply cannot be spent in the way you specify (for example, if you direct your donation to an Electoral District, but there ends up being no candidate in that District), then the GPNS cannot refund the money, and it will be directed to the GPNS's general fund. In order to make this work, you will need to agree to the information at the bottom of this page (scroll down to see it, then come back and fill out the rest).


Donation Amount $ *
Total Amount
Name and Address
We need to collect some information about where you live, in order to confirm: a) that you are a resident of Nova Scotia (we cannot accept contributions from people resident outside the province), and b) to confirm your electoral district.
Nova Scotia
Directed Donation Info
Please enter the part of the Green Party of Nova Scotia to which you want your donation directed.
Please confirm here (enter "Yes" to confirm) that you understand and accept that your donation will be handled as described above.

Note: tax receipts are issued annually and will be received early next year.