The Green Party of Nova Scotia is committed to the principles of lifelong learning. From preschool through post-secondary to Seniors, we recognize the importance of education for providing the stimulation and tools for everyone to participate successfully in society. Education is one of the building blocks for a prosperous sustainable future.

We understand that educating youth to succeed in the 21st century economy requires the development of innovative curriculum and investment in new technologies for classrooms across the province. We also understand new technologies in the classroom need to be paired with professional development for teachers, to ensure they are acquainted with the best practices for using these high-tech tools. These requirements put a demand on smaller local schools

The Green Party is concerned that the benefits of these local schools are not being fully valued in closure decisions. Schools are at the heart of a community. Local schools provide better integration of educational programs with parents and caregivers, facilitate access to extracurricular activities, and provide many important services to their communities including space for vibrant community events.

The Green Party recognizes that growing numbers of Nova Scotia children and youth require additional assistance in their classrooms and communities. We believe the school should be a place of whole-child development. In addition to traditional curriculum, children and youth require training in social, emotional and psychological literacy. By establishing a formal interdepartmental strategy involving the social services, health, and education departments, educators will be provided with the support required to address more of their students’ needs.