The Green Party of Nova Scotia understands that the corporate ethic of ever-increasing profit is untenable, and will focus on sustainability with a reasonable level of profit security for farmers through a program of investment in the broadest sense.

Nova Scotia needs to support its agricultural sector, ensuring that producers, harvesters, and food processors are able to make an adequate livelihood, and that agricultural production, harvesting, and food processing can be environmentally sustainable. Agriculture is an important part of our economy through direct, indirect, and induced benefits to Nova Scotia.

The Green Party places particular emphasis on organic production. We know that investment in organic food production triples, as it is also an investment in a healthier environment and a healthy population.

There is more value in a local food item than the price tag on a product. There is confidence in the control of the safety and quality of the product, the contribution to food security, reassurance of observance of human rights, support for ecologically sound agriculture, and participation in sustainable communities in Nova Scotia. The Green Party will support these values of agriculture in Nova Scotia as a priority over a multi-national profit margin.