Author: Matthew Piggott (Matthew Piggott)

Green Party of Nova Scotia Celebrates Earth Day

Halifax 2023-04-23 The Green Party of Nova Scotia celebrated Earth Day on April 22 at their Annual General Meeting. The members adopted 130 policy statements in a Policy Document encompassing ecological stewardship, responsible government (including proportional representation), and a broad range of other important issues, including health, housing and justice. GPNS Leader Anthony Edmonds, who...

23 April 202323 April 2023In General

Green Party of Nova Scotia Sets Record Year For Fundraising

Halifax 2023-01-02 The Green Party of Nova Scotia had a recording-setting fundraising year in 2022. Current totals indicate at least a 90% increase over the previous best year. The previous record for a non-election year was $10,595 raised in 2020, and donations have almost doubled that amount in 2022. “I’m thrilled to welcome new support...

3 January 20233 January 2023In General

New Climate Plan Good Starting Point, Lacks Vision

Halifax 2022-12-11 The Green Party of Nova Scotia (GPNS) welcomes the release of the province’s Climate Risk Assessment and Climate Action Plan. However, while the risk assessment illustrates future and current harms of climate change, such as Hurricane Fiona, the plan itself falls short of capturing the urgency of the moment. “We were happy to...

11 December 202212 December 2022In General